Busse Woods Forest Preserve

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Busse Woods

Busse Woods Forest Preserve is located in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg (see below), at one time I lived about 11 miles away. I used to drive past it on my way to work, (now it's an hour from my house, and I work in the opposite direction). The fishing waters consist of three separate bodies: the Main Pool with 419 acres, the South Pool with 146 acres, and the North Pool with 25 acres. The lakes were created in 1978 for the purpose of flood control of the Salt Creek. Lakes are stocked with Walleye, Northern Pike, and Channel Catfish. Largemouth Bass have not been stocked since the mid-1980's due to the excellent natural reproduction.

Of the three bodies, the small North Pool (pond), presents the best Bass fishing opportunities. Unlike the other two bodies, this pond does not receive water from the Salt Creek. This North Pool only receives run-off rainwater from the surrounding grassy hills of the forest preserve. The fish in the pond do not have access to the main lakes, they are confined to the 25 acre pond. The pond is separated from the main lakes by a small spillway, which keeps the pond water level about 3 feet above the level of the main lakes. The pond is always much clearer than the main lakes, with an average visibility of 3 feet. It has a much greater fish density, and develops massive fertile weedbeds by late Spring. While this park is heavily used all year long, fishing pressure is light. Most fishermen are panfishing on the fishing walls, or splashing around in the "big mudholes" and seemed surprised to see a large bass pulled out of the water of the North Pool. The pond does not have Northern Pike, which can be found in the main lakes, but it does have Walleye and Channel Catfish. Watercraft are not permitted on the pond.

Boat rentals, with and without electric motors, are available on the Main Pool. Only electric motors are allowed. Due to the frequent windy conditions, and the shape of the lake, I would not recommend renting a row boat without an electric trolling motor. Due to the shallow nature of the main lake and sparse cover available, trolling with shallow crankbaits is usually a good option to locate active fish.

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Here are some North Pool 18+ inchers

   21 inches and 4 lb 12 oz

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all released to fight again !!! Good Luck !!!