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The Blue-Black Chatterbait

I bought one of these lures, back in the winter of 2005-2006 while I was roaming around in Dickís Sports, killing time, dreaming of spring. I never fished it until June 2006. What a mistake !!!!    It instantly became one of my top producers for the year.

It looks strange, but youíll get over that quick. Basically, itís a bass jig with a weird blade out on the front that shakes back and forth. As far as fishing is concerned, think of this as a Rat-L-Trap that can go ANYWHERE (98% weedless).


Top: Original Chatterbait     Bottom: Better Strike King Version

Fishing it is a no brainer. Throw it out, and crank it back nice and steady. Itís a reaction bait; it has all the thump in the world. You donít need to bounce it, or hop it, nothing, just cast and crank.


THIS IS A BIG FISH BAIT. Other baits will get more strikes, but this one gets the Big Boys angry. Bass, muskie, walleye, and even monster channel cats just exploded on this bait last year, hitting with some of the most ferocious strikes Iíve ever had. All season long, hot summer right up to a November 5 pounder, these brought the fatsos to the boat.

Now everybody is knocking them off, which is a good thing. The originals just donít hold up to the punishment that the fish inflict on these lures.

The Strike King Pure Poison Swimming Jig is my favorite. WOW. Everything that was ďrightĒ with the original chatterbaits is intact, but the 4 Major Flaws have been fixed. THANK YOU !!!!!!

The Strike King Pure Poison Swimming Jig has the correct blade shape, but itís NOT made out of weak aluminum. (Booyah gets an F , Gambler gets a D+ )

Hooks are much sharper and longer, so no trailer hook is needed.

The skirt is higher quality, and the skirt keeper is fantastic, these will Never slide down on the hook.

The skirt has extra long center strands, forming its own trailer, so no soft plastic trailer is needed.

The jig eye has been replaced with an embedded oblong split-ring which straddles a solid bar inside the actual jig head.

$4.99 at Cabelaís in the bass jig section.
This will be THE LURE of 2007 at Shabbona. (my local lake)

These are just a few of the fish that made me a Chatterbait Believer.